Zootopia – Finnick the Fennec Fox

Zootopia – Finnick

So some of you may have seen Disney’s “Zootopia” recently and noticed that it features a fennec fox character called “Finnick.” I watched this movie recently with my girlfriend (who likes cute stuff) and it’s fair to say I had pretty low expectations. Turns out, it’s a good movie! I don’t want to give to much away if you haven’t seen the movie but the scene with the sloths is hilarious! Much like real post offices.

So what is this post about? Well firstly I just wanted to introduce the character to you guys and talk a bit about the movie. Secondly I want to talk a bit about the rising awareness and popularity of fennec foxes and it’s implications. The popularity of this exotic pet is rising among younger people and it is leading to some problems such as re-homings due to the misunderstanding of the responsibilities that come with a fennec fox.

Anyway, let’s start with the happy stuff and talk a little bit about the character played by Finnick. So in Zootopia, finnick and the main character Nick Wilde are partners in crime and earn their paycheck by conning people. In finnick’s first scene, he is dressed as a cute elephant which tricks the audience into thinking he is going to be your typical everyday, cute fennec fox….until he opens his mouth.

Finnick is played by voice actor Tommy Lister Jr who has a pretty deep gravely voice. Nick and Finnick’s most used con is pretending to be father and son, which they can exploit due to Finnick’s size and cuteness. However, he obviously has to keep his mouth shut. Whereas Nick Wilde tends to be more calm and collected, Finnick has a very short-temper and is prone to angry outbursts. He owns a beat up van which they drive around in, pulling off various con jobs across Zootopia.

Anyway, I would absolutely recommend this movie, it’s great for all the family. You can easily pick it up on Amazon. It is available for pre-order now. It is being/was released on June 7th 2016. Just click this link to order.

Ok, so what is the issue? We covered some of the points already in one of our other blog posts that discusses fennec fox prices. One of the knock-on affects of this huge blockbuster movie is more and more people are rushing to buy a fennec fox. A fennec fox is an exotic animal which requires experience to take care of and has specialist needs. One of the worse examples of this is was covered in a recent article where thousands of people in China rushed to buy fennec foxes, each valued at around $2-3000. You can read this article here, it was covered by the UK newspaper “The guardian,” note that they refer to the movie as “Zootropolis” which was the name of the release in the UK. Fennec foxes DO NOT re-home well. They need to bond with their new owner as soon as they have been weaned and usually they do not bond well with subsequent owners, resulting in a life of anger and stress.

Zootopia finnickSo anyway, I just thought that this should be something that gets covered since many fennec fox breeders and site owners are getting bombarded by requests for fennec foxes, sometimes just by curious teenagers. They can make wonderful pets, but never buy a fennec fox without fully researching and preparing everything you need. The amount of fennec foxes being re-homed is rising, making it difficult for breeders and experienced owners to keep up. Also laws and regulations often change in the USA and this new trend could see new laws introduced that affect owners and breeders negatively. So yeah, finnick is cute; but prepare to change your way of life if you want to own him. Still want a fennec fox? Feel free to contact our forums with questions, join our facebook group, join our newsletter and explore our site.

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