Canadian Legal States

In Canada, fennec foxes are considered exotic animals and are legal to own as pets in 3 states only. they are British Colombia, Ontario and Quebec. See below for further information and documentation regarding the ownership of fennec foxes in Canada.

Manitoba – Illegal

Fennec foxes are illegal to own as pets according to Winnipeg by-law 3389/83, no person, firm or corporation shall keep or harbor all members of order Carnivora except domestic dogs, domestic cats and ferrets.
Laws (The Wildlife Act of Manitoba) ➝
• •


Saskatchewan- Illegal

Fennec foxes are classified as wildlife and it is illegal to own one without a permit. The only permit that is obtainable is the Commercial Wildlife Permit for Zoo Purposes. Unless you own a zoo, keeping a fennec fox is illegal.

Laws (The Captive Wildlife Regulations) ➝ (W-13.1 REG 18, part 3 states ALL species that are allowed without a license.


Nova Scotia – Illegal

The law here is very similar to that of Saskatchewan.

Laws (The Wildlife Act of Nova Scotia) ➝ (wildlife legal to be owned as a pet without a permit. Wildlife not listed on the document linked previously may NOT be kept/imported as a pet within the province).


Alberta – Illegal

Laws (The Wildlife Act of Alberta) ➝


British Columbia – Legal

fennec foxes and other fox species non-native to BC can only be owned by a citizen holding a valid CAS “Controlled Alien Species” permit and whose enclosure is approved by the Fish & Wildlife Ministries).

CAS permit application

Laws (List of Controlled Alien Species + The Wildlife Act of BC) ➝ (lists ALL the illegal-to-be-kept-as-pets species).
• (specifications about captive exotic animals
Details concerning the CAS permit)


Ontario – Legal

Non-native species that are not endangered are allowed to be kept as pets within the province. However, your municipality may have restrictions so contact them first.

Laws (Wildlife Preservation + Municipalities Act) ➝


Newfoundland – Illegal

Newfoundland does not allow fennec foxes.  This policy would be in line with the recommendations of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada, an organization which represents the pet industry in Canada.

Laws (The Wildlife Act of Newfoundland) ➝ (lists all animals that can be legally brought and owned into the province without a permit.


New Brunswick – Illegal

Certain species of fox are allowed, but fennecs are illegal to own as pets.

Laws (Exotic Wildlife Regulation) ➝ (Regulation 92-74 lists all species legal to be imported/kept as pets).


Prince Edward Island – Maybe

Some foxes are legal to own in the Summerside city municipiality, however you would need to check further to find out about the owning of fennec foxes.

Laws (The Wildlife Act of PEI) ➝ (Summerside allows all federally legal fox species, as long as you are in possession of a provincial permit,  an animal permit (given by the Animal Control Officer) and that you have the written consent of your neighbours to harbour such an animal in their surroundings).


Nunavut – Illegal

Section 39 of the Wildlife Licence and Permits Regulations does not allow for the importation of live vertebrates that, in its natural range, is found wild in nature. So this would not allow Gray, Fennec, Bat-Earred, and Corsac foxes. » (fox species which are not native to Nunavut aren’t permitted either).

Laws (The Wildlife Act of Nunavut) ➝


Northwest Territories – Illegal

The fennec fox is not a federally approved fox species.


Yukon – Maybe

Laws (The Wildlife Act of Yukon) ➝

Here’s the request that must be completed in order to see if the government accepts your exotic pet.
134. Every owner of an exotic animal shall register their animal with the City by providing the following information for each exotic animal that is under their care :
(1) Name, street address, postal code and telephone number of the owner;
(2) Name and description of the exotic animal; and
(3) Such other information as may be required by the City.


Quebec – Legal

As best as I can tell, all foxes that do not correspond to that of a wild fox are allowed to be owned, I would guess that this would include the fennec fox.

Laws and regulations ➝