Fennec Fox Diet

There are many conflicting opinions about the ideal diet for a pet fennec fox. The truth of the matter is that there is no 100% correct answer. The best clue we have is to observe how fennec foxes eat in the wild. They inhabit dry arid areas across North Africa and their diet consists of various insects, eggs, gerbils, roots and tubers.

mmm gerbil sandwich

Interestingly, although they are considered omnivores about 90% of their diet consists of meat and only 10% of vegetation. Many owners choose to supplement their fennec fox’s diet with dog or cat food but it’s important to know which ones are best.

So what food should you buy for a fennec fox? Well natural, raw products are best. Silkworms, mealworms, crickets, as well as baby mice and eggs. Where can you buy these? Usually at a local pet store, however for conveniences sake and to buy everything in bulk, including the supplements I will talk about later, I usually just buy a selection of insects on Amazon. Of course if you are into DIY, kits are also available to purchase.

In terms of meat, if you can’t often use fresh or live meat, rabbit is most suited to fennec foxes, it is low in ingredients that effect the kidneys like uric acid. I would recommend buying fresh rabbit and/or supplementing with this dog food which I highly recommend. It is freeze dried so still retains a high proportion of taurine. I personally think it is better to buy pet foods that contain rabbit.



For vegetables you can feed them broccoli, carrots, cabbages, spinach that are all easy to prepare. You can feed them this fresh or in cooked form. Dark, leafy greens are especially good since they contain calcium. However, I recommend only using vegetables as 10% of their diet. Fennec foxes can’t eat a lot of fruit because of the high natural sugar content, however many owners feed their pet fennec unsweetened cherries as they reduce the odor of their urine.

It is ESSENTIAL to feed you fennec fox calcium and taurine. Many quality pet foods are high in taurine but you should only use commercial pet food sparingly and as part of a larger, more complete diet. Your fennec fox will likely need a supplement. A meal of insects, ground fresh rabbit with about 300mg of taurine sprinkled over is perfect. You can feed them the occasional rodent as a treat, but again these should be given sparingly due to the high retinol content.