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Mr Bearded Dragonmrbearded dragon

Our partner site provides a complete care guide for bearded dragon owners. This comprehensive site goes into detail about bearded dragon diet, and general bearded dragon care. If you are an owner or thinking of getting your first exotic pet, this site is something you can always refer to if you feel lost. As well as bearded dragon care tips, this site has everything you need to know to setup ready for a bearded dragon including everything about lighting, temperature and vivariums. If it’s your first dragon they even recommend cool bearded dragon names! You can also browse the shop for some unique items such as mugs and t-shirts for bearded dragon lovers featuring unique hand-drawn artwork. Also, for an exhaustive list of recommended products for your pet check out their bearded dragon accessories.

Foxes and Friends



This site offers a ton of information about the different types of foxes you can own including red foxes, gray foxes, arctic foxes, fennec foxes, swift foxes, kit foxes, corsac foxes and pale foxes. This is a solid authority site that has been around for over 8 years and literally covers everything that you would need to know as an owner or prospective buyer.



Sybil’s Den

Sybil’s Den deals with all types of exotic animals. This site is a library of knowledge offering sybils denextensive care sheets and valuable first-hand expertise. Sybil’s den also has a vault of knowledge through it’s forums full of experienced pet owners. If you are struggling to find an answer fro something, then this is definitely the place to go!

Critter Camp


Critter camp run an amazing exotic pet sanctuary. They are an NPO that take-in homeless animals that are cared for by volunteers. They help the community by educating them about each of the animals. They currently have a few fennec foxes in the sanctuary and even an alligator. Their sanctuary had humble beginnings but has grown to become an important hub and educational center for rescued animals. Check out their page and donate if you can.

Wasatch Exotic

exotic pet careBased in Utah, WEPC is committed to providing the highest quality care for your exotic pets, with fees that are competitive with other practitioners in the field. They do not feel that a comprehensive exam and husbandry evaluation (see Services) can be done properly in a 15-minute time block, and will spend as much time with you as necessary to make sure all your questions are answered and you have the information necessary to provide the best home possible for your pet.