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Kigurumi Onesies

Kigurumi comes from the combination of 2 Japanese words, “kiru” which means to wear and “nuigurumi” which means a stuffed animal. In the west we know them better by the term “onesie.”

In an earlier article named “can you have a pet fox,” we looked at the different types of foxes that it is legal to own. Just for fun we are going to look at the range of kigurumi, fox ears and tails available on Amazon and see if we can identify the type of fox just from the fox ears!

Our first fox is Nick Wilde from Disney’s Zootopia. Nick has pointy fox ears with black and white tips and a long bushy tail. He also wears a green Hawaiian shirt and blue tie but I don’t think that is important to fox identification. The red fur is the biggest giveaway here:


It’s pretty obvious that Nick is a straight-up red fox.

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The next fox costume is made by pawstar (an interesting play on words) who offer a huge range of fox cosplay products in different colors! The main clue in identifying this fox is the color. These fox ears are white with black tips with a matching tail. there can only be one answer!


there is only one fox that has white fur, the arctic fox.

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Next on our list is this sandy colored set featuring pinkish brown ears and a light brown bushy tail. You might even say it’s desert colored. This set would look great on kids to match the fox’s size, can you guess what fox it is yet?


Yes, your right! It’s our very own fennec fox.

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More Kigurumi

There is a lot of different fox-themed kigurumi available online. feel free to check out more kigurumi and some user reviews below:

Fox Kigurumi

  • Material:Soft fleece fabric
  • S(Height:151CM-156CM),M(Height:157CM-165CM),
  • L(Height:166CM-173CM),XL(Height:174CM-182CM)

“I love this Kigurumi with all my heart! I was a little hesitant to buy it at first because of the price, but it was worth it for sure. I’m 5’4″ and it’s huge on me but very roomy. While it’s large on me, I do prefer that it isn’t a tight fit so I can move around in it. Also, while it is looser-fitting, it doesn’t fall down or sag, especially if you button it all the way up/down. The Kigurumi is snug on my boyfriend (he’s 6’1”) but was comfortable even for him.

It’s extremely soft and very warm as it’s fleece (you’ll break a sweat in no time). I’ve found myself falling asleep in it numerous times because it’s just that comfortable.

You can actually put your fingers in the hands/feet (?) and there’s a little hole for your thumb. Or if you don’t want to have your hands covered, you can fold the attached “gloves” down. The sloth onesie even has a little tail on the back!”

Buy Fox Onesie

Red Panda Kigurumi

  • 100% FLEECE
  • button closure
  • machine wash
  • The pajamas with cute cartoon design is beautiful and awesome.The luxury and elegant design will make you standout (shoes not included)
  • Comfortable, light, airy and a real eye-catcher at every party!
  • S: Fits Height 151-160cm;M: Fits 161-170cm
  • L: Fits 171-180 cm;XL: Fits 181-187 cm

“This is the most comfortable onesie I have seen yet. I normally would wear a Medium, but I purchased a Large to be safe that the feet reached my ankles. It fits perfectly. I am 5’1″ with an average body build. I would highly recommend this purchase! Just be aware that the length does run a bit on the small side, if you are hoping for it to reach the ankles.”


Buy Red Panda Onesie

Panda Kigurumi

  • Machine Wash Cold, Non-Chlorine Bleach, Dry Flat, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean
  • Package content: 1 x costume (no shoes)
  • Simple design,it will be your good companion in your life
  • Lovely Flannel Pajamas,soft and comfortable
  • L fit for Height 65″-68.8″, XL fit for Height 68.8″-72.8″
  • S fit for Height 57″-61″, M fit for Height 61″-65″

“I am usually a size small and i am only 5 feet tall, but i decided to get a medium so that the legs would fit all the way to my ankles and im glad i did! the material is super soft and thick and it even has a zipper if you need to use the restroom, so you don’t have to take the whole thing off! Shipping was extremely fast i got it in about a week and a half after i ordered it and i would gladly buy from this seller again.”


Buy Panda Onesie

Baby Red Fox Fleece Jumpsuit

  • This jumpsuit is made of coral fleece witch is warm cozy and comfortable will keep your little ones warm and safe during the cold winter
  • Botton fly closure design
  • It can be worn in door or out door

“A little on the big side but good quality and really thick and warm – great for those cold fall days!!”


Buy Baby Jumpsuit

Woman’s Summer Kigurumi

  • Material:light weight and thin cotton fabric
  • Cotton,Cozy,Cartoon,Quality,Pajamas,Costumes,Jumpsuit,Sleepwear,Tracksuit
  • US Size Pajamas,loose,snug fit and very comfortable to wear£¬nice for homewear.
  • This Sleepwear set is Machine Washable


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