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Our store has been especially built and compiled for fennec fox carers and lovers. We have put all the products in one place so that you don’t need to search Amazon for hours. Feel free to bookmark our store and visit us whenever you need to do your shopping. Read on for some of our featured products.

Our Featured Products

coffee setThis super cute fennec fox coffee set is perfect as a gift for people who love coffee and fennec foxes. Oh wait a minute, as I’m writing this I just realized how much I want this myself. Excuse me a second while I do my shopping. You can buy it in our store or just follow this link.

Cute fennec fox slippers

If you are a fan of pokemon you may remember Eevie the fennec fox. There are many products and toys on Amazon for this character that are perfect for your children (or yourself). Check out a few of them in our store. If you want the Eevie slippers now, click here. Just for your information, the more recent pokemon that was based on a fennec fox is called Fenekin.

If you are a fan of Finnick the fennec fox from Zootopia then order the DVD from Amazon. This is a great movie and fun for the whole family. Check out our post about Finnick the fennec fox here. He might look cute but he is an awesome con-artist and wily as foxes come. Buy Zootopia on Amazon.

Check out this cool iPhone 6 case featuring a cute fennec fox. You can select to have this for iphone 6 or iphone 6s. This is a sturdy aluminium case that just snaps onto your phone and protects it from dirt and damage. A little searching on Amazon can find all sorts of phone cases featuring cute animals for various phone models. Visit amazon to buy the case here or click the picture.

dog food

When it comes to your fennec fox’s health, nutrition is of the utmost importance. For reasons mentioned on this page, I recommend rabbit based pet foods for your fennec fox. Freeze-dried foods that preserve a high taurine content and are easy on the kidneys and liver are the best. For these reasons I highly recommend this dog food. Buy it here.

fennec littercherries2

As you may know, fennec foxes don’t always hit the spot, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve. A low-sided litter tray and some unsweetened cherries can save you a lot of hassle in the long-run. Cherries help to reduce the odor of your fennec’s urine, just in-case they have an accident. Click on the images to buy them from Amazon.

fennec home

When it comes to fennec fox homes, nothing but the biggest of ferret nations will do. Fennec foxes are super sociable and prefer to be out of their cage but they will get into everything if they are unsupervised. Give them a palace they can be proud of. I recommend this cage by Midwest that has several layers and hammocks to keep your fennec fox properly homed and entertained. there is plenty of space to put their bed and the cage has multiple attachment points for further accessories. Buy it now here.