Where do Fennec Foxes Live?

So where do fennec foxes live?

where do fennec foxes live








The short answer is North Africa and the Sinai peninsula.

They can be found throughout the sahara desert and are well-adapted to dry, arid conditions. Read on to see how these incredible animals are designed to live in one of the world’s harshest environments.

  • Thick Fur – Having thick fur allows the fennec fox to survive during the dramatic temperature swings found in the desert. It helps protect them against the cold of the night  when temperatures can dip below freezing. It also helps to protect them against the heat of the day when temperatures can soar to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • where do fennec foxes live

    Big ears, light fur, hunting machine…..when awake.

    Light beige fur – Their fur color helps them to blend into the environment around them providing camouflage for when the fennec fox is hunting prey.

  • Big Ears – Many people find their ears cute, but they serve a much more practical purpose. Their ears are around 6 inches long and help dissipate heat and regulate their body temperature. A fennec fox’s hearing is also super keen to help track prey.
  • Furry Feet – The fur on their feet helps protect against the scorching hot sand as well as provide traction on loose sand particles.
  • No Water – As you know there is very little water in the desert but that’s ok! Fennec foxes can survive forever without drinking a single drop as all the moisture they need comes from their diet. See more about what fennec foxes eat here.

It’s amazing that these animals can thrive in such an unforgiving environment, so what does their home actually look like? where do fennec foxes live in the desert?

Fennec foxes like to burrow dens into the sides of stable sand dunes. There is more moisture under the sand and it helps keep them out of the desert heat. They also prefer den entrances that have vegetation around the entrance and inside. Nibbling on this can provide hydration and food when needed. Fennec foxes are nocturnal animals and like to hunt at night. This way they can escape the heat of the day within their dens.

where do fennec foxes live

Nice comfy place to sleep © Miroslav Vajdić for openphoto.net

Sometimes they dig dens in the open sand, however these dens are usually small due to the looser soil. Sand dunes are considered more ideal as the compacted soil allows fennec foxes to dig dens up to 120 square meters in size with several entrances. Families have also been known to interconnect their dens to make an underground network. Digging underground like this also keeps them safe from predatory birds while they are sleeping.

If you are buying a fennec fox as a pet then it’s important to know how to house them properly within your home. For more information about taking care of your fennec fox, click here.

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