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fennec foxWhen buying a fennec fox for the first time it’s important to find a reputable breeder. If you are buying from the USA or Canada, it is important to first check if it’s legal to even own a fennec. You can find fennec fox pet legal states on our dedicated page. Also you may want to consider the cost. We have prepared a complete breakdown of costs in our fennec fox price article.

Usually, you hear that is better to buy a younger animal when dealing with exotics, however this is only 75% true for fennec foxes. Fennec’s are difficult to raise with bottle feeding and it’s best to try and leave this to the breeders and buy your fennec a little later than usual, but not too old that you can’t bond with them.

Some breeders choose to pull the kit straight from their mother to give directly to the new owner without bottle feeding. It goes without saying that you should contact the breeder first to ask these questions. If you are a new owner, then you should be asking for care tips to take care of your fennec during the early stages. I would cite that a 3-5 month old fennec fox is ideal. In the USA and Canada you can expect to pay around $2000 for a fennec fox.

This site has fennec foxes for sale, some of them are from breeders and some of them are from individual owners looking to re-home their fennecs. However, you should be extremely careful when buying foxes that have previous owners. Usually fennec foxes do not bond well with new and subsequent owners resulting in aggression or fear. Do extensive homework and try to visit the animal in-person before buying.

Fennec Fox for sale

Many large breeders usually deal with several exotic pets, so also have other types of foxes for sale. Read on for a list of breeders that include the fennec fox for sale. For the USA and Canada bear in mind that the rules for breeding and owning a fennec fox sometimes differ so again, check your state law.

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Fennec Fox for sale in USAFennec Fox for sale in the USA

When buying fennec foxes in the USA, make sure that the breeder is USDA licensed and that you have the necessary certificates ready for purchasing your fennec.



Layla Markley’s Wild Adventures
E-mail: mysticgardenexotics@gmail.com


Julie’s Jungle is a 22 acre private USDA licensed breeding site. They have fennec foxes for sale as well as other exotics. You can contact them through their website.
E-mail: julie@juliesjungle.com
Website: http://www.juliesjungle.com
Full line, family-owned pet store which sells hand-fed, well-socialized companion birds, mammals, exotics, fresh and saltwater fish and reptiles along with all of their supplies.

Rare Earth Ranch – Summer Wilson
E-mail: summersrareearth@aol.com 
Phone: 850-623-6228
North Florida
She Breeds Toy Aussies, Bengals, Snakes, and Fennec Foxes. I would highly recommend her as she socializes her foxes extremely well. My friend and administrator of foxesandfriends got his kit from her and recommends her highly.



Hope Bennett
Phone: 706 348 7279 
Cleveland Ga
Breeder of a few select exotics and rare breed livestock including: African crested porcupine, fennec fox, wallabies, wallaroos and red kangaroos, bearcats (binturongs), patagonian cavy, muntjac deer, truly tiny potbelly pigs, a variety of sheep and goats and other livestock.

IllinoisFennec Fox for sale

Sandy Wild
Forreston, Illinois
Email: wildhaven@aeroinc.net 
She sells hand-fed Fennec babies. Raised in the house with kids, cats, and dogs, babies are tame, and is allowed to touch her mother Fennec’s babies at 1 week of age. They are $2000 and she is a licensed USDA Facility.


This farm has arctic, red, gray and fennec foxes for sale. You can find out more on their sales page. They accept deposits for their spring breeding programs. You can contact Bob Hudelson.


Denver, she has Arctic Foxes and Fennecs. She prefers you to call, she does not have a computer. Fennecs are $2,500.



Tim and Gayla Self at Macon Magic have many exotic pets for sale including llamas, kinkajous and fennec foxes.


Fennec Fox for sale

Oh hello Mr Elephant… you look a bit strange



Jan Holstege
Phone: (616)875-8284
She breeds Fennecs
Phone: (813)334-4680
Location: Lexington, MI
She Breeds Fennecs


Robert Franklin
Phone: (816) 540-5513
25707 E. 161St Street
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
They raise Fennec Foxes as well as caracals, servals, coatimundis,
palm civets, Patagonian cavies, brush tail opossums, dama wallabys, chinchillas and snakes.
Jenn Kass 
She runs Exotics R Us, and is an active breeder of Fennecs. 


Rose Urlacher
Phone: (406) 875-2296 
2613 Lower Canal Road
Pompey Pillar, MT 59064
Offering hand raised, friendly Fennec foxes to loving homes. USDA and state licensed facility.

New Jersey

Dirk Milz 
Milford, New Jersey

New York

Creekstone Pets sell several exotic species. It says that their USDA license is being processed so you may want to check that if you consider buying from them.


Jack Jacinto
Also exotic animal shows. 



Paul R. Wade
(513) 553 – 6330
Near Cincinnati, Ohio
He is a USDA licensed breeder of fennec foxes, domestic skunks & sugar gliders. These animals are sold as pets & breeders to persons knowlegable about their needs and care, and not to impulse buyers. You must be allowed by law to own the animal where you live. Expecting fox pups in March/April.


Terrie Klontz
(405) 826-2032
USDA licensed located in Oklahoma
raises Fennec Foxes
All kits are hand raised and well socialized.
Kits are ready to go to new homes once they are weaned.
Before and after purchase support.
References available.
Can ship or buyer may pick up. 
Melissa Meadows
Phone: (405)413-3157
Oklahoma City/Tuttle
We are a USDA facility. We breed Fennec Foxes & Coatimundi. Our babies are all bottle fed by us to ensure you will get a sweet animal. All of our babies are around children & other animals so you can be ensured that they are well socialized babies who will be willing & ready to be loved by you! If you would like more information on our animals please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!


Maryann Smith
Phone: (931) 260-2952 
USDA licensed Breeder of Fennec Foxes. Offering hand-raised, bottle-fed Fennecs as pets. Handled to make good pets. Will ship.
Mary Lou Redmond
Phone: 865-456-2901
Email: mlredmond2000@yahoo.com
Location: Knoxville
She breeds Fennec Foxes 
Phone: (423)721-0279
Del Rio, TN
Breeder of Fennec Foxes. Hand raised babies. 


Christy Davis of Fairytale Foxes is a USDA licensed breeder and is very reputable according to past owners. She has a facebook page for her business, where you can contact her with further questions.



Fennec Fox for sale

Wait… that’s not an elephant!


Fennec Fox for sale in UKFennec Fox for sale in UK

Fennec foxes are legal everywhere in the UK!

Flashman Foxes run an excellent website, detailing individual animals that they have for sale. The website is very informative and user-friendly.  Corsac Foxes, Arctic Foxes, Silver Foxes and Fennec Foxes are for sale.


fennec fox for saleFennec fox for sale in Canada

In Canada there are fewer places where it is legal to own a fennec fox compared to the USA and UK. However, it is possible to find a handful of breeders. As with the USA check your individual state and municipal law here.




Northern Exotics breed a number of exotic pets for educational shows. Dennis Epp is the person to talk to about potentially buying a fennec fox.

Sudbury Ontario, Canada
Phone: (705) 523-4650
E-mail: dennis.epp@uleth.ca
Website: www.northern-exotics.com

fennec fox for saleFennec Fox for sale in Spain

Kiko’s ZooExoticos
Madrid, Spain
They have various exotics.

fennec-fox-for-saleFennec Fox for sale in Switzerland

Bernard Pichon
E-mail: b.pichon@urbanet.ch
CH-1054 MORRENS, Switzerland
He breeds Fennec foxes.
Fennec Fox for sale

Finnic! You sneaky little fox! Okay, yes. You’re too cute. I forgive you.

I have done my best to provide current information on breeders but the truth is the laws are changing all the time and breeders come and go with the wind. It is not easy to find readily available fennec foxes from simply searching the internet. The best place to look is in well-established forums to ask current owners about breeders in your area or even speak directly to the breeders themselves. Sybil’s Den is one such forum that has a long-established forum that is contributed to by experienced owners and breeders. You can visit it here.

Due to there only being a handful of breeders across the USA and Canada, many owners choose to import their fennec fox from states where the law is more agreeable such as Florida.

Good Luck fellow foxes.

Many thanks to foxesandfriends for much of this information. we are working to educate future and current fennec fox owners.

Sources accessed and modified: http://www.foxesandfriends.com/WEBPROTECT-breeders.htm

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