Foxes As Pets

Foxes as Pets – Fennec Fox Pets – Owner’s Tips

fennec foxes as petsWhen it comes to providing tips on how to care for a fennec fox, who better to ask than the owners that already keep fennec foxes as pets. On this page we interview current owners and share their tips, advice and life lessons about how to keep foxes as pets.

If you are a new owner, this page is an invaluable resource and insight. You can also join our facebook group of current fennec fox owners to ask the community directly for advice. Alternatively feel free to drop a question in our forum.

For the purpose of anonymity, we will be respecting users privacy here and not using their real names.

The first interview comes from a super experienced fennec fox breeder who also keeps fennec foxes as pets.

Foxy Owner: Hey everyone, I have three fennec foxes and have owned and bred fennecs for six years so here’s my two cents…

Mr Fennec Fox: What do you usually feed your fennec fox?

Foxy Owner: I feed my adult fennecs dry cat food ad lib and once per day I offer a plate of thawed frozen veggies (they like the carrot, broccoli and cauliflower blend and also love asparagus and peas) mixed with chicken Friskies wet food and Craisins all mixed together. To account for possible vitamin deficiencies I provide whole live pinkie rats, two per fennec, once to twice a week. I raise my own rats but fennecs will take frozen thawed ones if you don’t want to raise them.

The fennecs love my cats and all of my dogs.

Mr Fennec Fox: How does your fennec fox interact with other household pets?

Foxy Owner: The fennecs love my cats and all of my dogs. No one bites anybody. But a scurrying fennec can really rev up the predator drive of a dog and when they grab the fennec the fennec responds by freezing, and the dog lets go. If you have bigger dogs this behavior can easily accidentally kill a fennec.

Mr Fennec Fox: Has your fennec had any health issues? How did you deal with them?

Foxy Owner: No health issues with any of my fennecs yet.

Mr Fennec Fox: Are there any breeders along with contact info you would like to recommend?

Foxy Owner: I raise these myself and used to know a lot of breeders but they got out of it. I recommend Christy Roberts Davis as a breeder. I usually have only 3-4 kits available per season, between April and July.

Mr Fennec Fox: What are your tips for first-time owners?

Foxy Owner: First time owners often have expectations of their fennec that are too high, especially with potty training. I personally don’t think fennecs can consistently use a litter box, but I’ve had customers argue with me on that and say they have achieved it. Fennecs are also hyper-sensitive to noise and get scared by the slightest things.

You can find Christy Davis’ details on our breeder page, here.

Check out this video by Beth Randall, the director at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary. This video is full of great information for people thinking about getting their first fennec fox and about fennec foxes as pets.