Fennec Fox Facts in 5

5 Fennec Fox Facts

    1. They are super small

Fennec foxes are smaller than you think! Some people tend to compare them to cats but they are even smaller and more adorable. The fennec fox is the world’s smallest fox weighing in at about 2.5 pounds and standing 9 inches tall.

    2. Foxy furry feet

fennec fox factsThese animals are adapted for the desert, we all know about their big ears, (used to dissipate heat) but what about their furry feet? This is another desert adaptation, it helps protect against the scorching hot sand during the day and the cold during the night. Also it provides them traction if they need to take-off quickly to catch pray or change direction in an instant.


    3. They fall in love

fennec fox factsDid you know fennec foxes mate for life? As soon as they meet the right partner they stay together until death. Each couple will have a litter of 3-4 kits (pups) every year. The male acts like the perfect gentleman and forages food for his pregnant female partner. The correct term for the male is a “reynard” and the female is called a “vixen.”

    4.They make great pets

Whilst they have a lot of energy and you need to know how to take care of them properly, they can make great pets. they are small, like to cuddle and highly sociable. Check out our care guide for more information about taking care of a fennec fox.

    5. Omnivores that like meat

Many informational resources state that fennec foxes are omnivores, however their diet is more weighted towards eating fresh meat. They mainly eat jerboas (mice that look like mini kangaroos). they also eat a variety of insects, eggs, gerbils and different plants. If you own a fennec it’s important to give them the correct nutrition as other pet foods are usually unsuitable. Read more about nutrition here.

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