Pet Fennec Housing

Housing a Pet Fennec

Fennec foxes can spend a majority of their time inside but if you live in a warmer climate then they can live outside in secure enclosures. When considering fennec fox housing remember that a fennec fox can jump about 4ft in the air and enjoy digging so this obviously presents some challenges. I would recommend digging a decent-sized trench for the walls of the enclosure to stop them escaping. Also I would advise adding a roof to protect against rain and predatory birds that may exist in your area.

When inside, many people use ferret cages. However only the largest of ferret cages should be used for a fennec fox. Here is a list of ferret cages that you can purchase. Remember that they are sociable, friendly animals and it is beneficial for you to spend plenty of time playing with them. Only keep your pet fennec fox in a cage when necessary.

fennec fox housing

A cage suitable for a fennec fox

If you are good at DIY, feel free to make your own caging however bear in mind the size of your average fennec.

Skull Width: 1.8″ Skull Height 1.5″

Any spaces larger than those means your fennec could escape. It’s best to err on the side of caution even with those measurements. Like cats, fennec foxes enjoy high spaces, so having some sort of tier system within your caging is best. Also include platforms and high places around your home where they can jump up to feel safe. Also they like to run, so I would recommend joining together several ferret cages or having plenty of space in your enclosure. Fennec foxes can be trained to use a wheel and making or buying your own cat wheel could save some headaches.

fennec fox housing

Time for some exercise

Remember, these are desert animals, so remember this when thinking about fennec fox housing. Make sure they don’t get too hot or cold. When your pet fennec is kept in captivity they are more sensitive to changes in temperature. A fennec fox will shiver if the temperature drops below 20 degrees celcius and will pant if the temperature exceeds 35 degrees celcius. If you live in a colder climate, keep your pet fennec indoors. Conversely if you live in a very hot climate, make sure they have a place to stay cool.