Other Pets and Children

Fennec Interaction

Fennecs, as well as being the smallest, are the most sociable of all fox species. Generally they interact well with typical pets like cats and dogs and will want to play with them constantly. Your cat or dog will run out of energy long before your fennec fox. They are likely to bond more closely to dogs than cats and will likely form a stronger bond with the dog than you! For this reason, it is a good idea to limit too much interaction with other pets while they are young so that they become more used to bonding with humans. If you have no other pets then it is essential to spend plenty of playtime with them.

A typical game of tag with a house cat

While fennec fox play patterns are similar to that of ferrets, fennecs are much more fragile. If you suspect your fennec is on the floor nearby it is a good idea to shuffle your feet rather than lifting them to avoid stepping on your fennec. Some owners choose to give them a bell so they know where they are at all times. Also large dogs could accidentally step on them and cause an injury so be extra observant during play sessions with large dogs.

Children below the age of 7 may have trouble understanding a fennec fox’s needs. they will have difficulty knowing how to handle them and may be too rough or clumsy. If you have young children I would recommend against buying a fennec until your children are older. If your children are above the age of 7 then make sure they are supervised and have been educated about how to handle your pet fennec.

other petsFennec foxes spend about 80% of their time sleeping, but the other 20% they will be running full throttle. It is important to provide them with an outlet for this energy and socialize with them as much as possible. Although they are nocturnal animals, if you play with them a lot during the day then they are more likely to fall into your sleeping pattern and bother you less at night. Remember that they like to dig, so a cardboard scratcher or a sand pit to play in is perfect.

Oh, and remember, if you have rodents then they will become a meal for your fennec fox.