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we will look at some core facts about the fennec fox to help you better understand the animal that you are buying (or have). The fennec fox has a range of adaptations that help it survive in a desert environment. The fennec fox is classified as an “exotic animal” in most US states which means it needs a lot of specialist care and treatment. The best way to understand it’s needs is to first look at how it lives in it’s natural environment. After all, a fennec fox can never be truly domesticated and will always act and behave like a wild animal to some degree. For more information about the types of foxes you can own, check out our blog post: can you have a pet fox.

The fennec fox weighs about 3 lbs, with a body length of between 10–16 inches and it is around 8 inches tall. It is the smallest species of canid in the world. The tail is 8-12 inches long, while the ears can be between 4-6 inches long. They live 12-16 years and reach sexual maturity at 9-11 months. The female is known as a “vixen” and a male is known as a “reynard.”The offspring are called “kits.”

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The fennec fox lives across much of Northern Africa and the Sinai peninsula. They can be found throughout the sahara desert and are well-adapted to dry, arid conditions. Want to know more? Find out by clicking where do fennec foxes live.

Next lets look at some of the fennec fox’s unique adaptations.

No Water!

Fennec foxes can literally live without any water! Their kidneys are specially adapted to restrict water loss. They receive some moisture from their diet and from the dew that collects on vegetation. When living in their natural environment they are nocturnal, so they avoid moving from their burrows during the day. This way they can stay cool and avoid dehydration from sun exposure. the fennec fox is one of the few omnivores that can survive in the desert and is one of the only animals in the world that can survive without free-standing water.

fennec foxBig Ears

One of the most distinguishing features of the fennec fox is it’s ears, but did you know that this is another important adaptation? A fennec fox is the smallest type of fox in the world. they weigh less than 5 pounds and are no more than 2 feet long from head to tail. This means that it’s ears are huge relative to it’s body size. It can dissipate heat from it’s body very efficiently. The ears can keep the fox cool during the day, while its fur can keep it warm during the night. Their ears are about 6 inches long and make up about a quarter of a fennec fox’s entire body. They also has a very keen sense of hearing which can help track prey scurrying underground.


fennec foxFennec foxes mate for life and keep just one partner meaning they are monogamous. On top of this they tend to live in larger family units of up to 10 foxes. They are expert diggers, using their furry feet and sharp claws to make underground networks which each of the males can guard. Fennec foxes are the only fox species that can have 2 litters in a single year owing to their relatively short gestation period of 50 days. They usually mate around January and February and then give birth in March or May. The kits reach sexual maturity within 90 days! Living in these larger groups improves their rate of survival making this fennec fox adaptation one of the most important.

Information for prospective buyers.

If you are reading this part then you are at least considering buying a fennec fox. Before doing so though there are some incredibly important things to take into consideration. First of all, where do you live? The fennec fox is an exotic animal and the laws are different depending on which state or country you are from. There is a very real chance that you are simply not allowed to own one. We have compiled a complete list for every US and Canadian state regarding fennec fox ownership. For more infomation about fennec fox pet legal states, click the link.

If it is legal for you to import or buy a fennec fox then you will need to be able to provide the correct paperwork. Some states may require you to have a USDA license, a permit or a health certificate for your fox. Before buying a fennec fox call your local fish and wildlife service office here to double check the law and ask what certificates you need.

Without turning this into a lecture, I feel it is important to draw attention to a growing issue among the fennec fox owner community, that is; impulse buying. With the rise of movies like Disney’s “Zootopia,” fennec foxes are getting unprecedented attention  from all age demographics who are interested in purchasing them to keep as a pet. This has obviously led to some pretty serious knock-on effects such as impulse buying, breeders being bombarded with questions from inquisitive teenagers and strain on re-homing centers and NPO exotic animal sanctuaries that look-after people’s discarded pets. I’m sure this isn’t you, but it’s an important thing to be aware of. Buying a fennec fox means serious commitment, more so than a domestic animal would require. For more about this issue, check out our blog article bu clicking the link. zootopia – Finnick.

Fennec Fox Price

There are similar ongoing costs that you would have with any animal, but many people do not consider the long-term budget that they will need to provide. Bringing a fennec fox into your care is no small task and they have many special requirements due to the fact that they are an exotic animal. It can be very daunting for a first-time owner. The average cost of a fennec fox from a reputable USDA licensed breeder can be anywhere between $2-3000. The average cost of upkeep for a fennec fox per year is higher than that of a cat or a dog. For a complete breakdown of potential costs, read fennec fox price.

fennec foxFeel free to navigate our site. You might want to begin with our care guide that contains information about diet, housing, training, vaccinations, interaction with other pets and advice from other current owners.

For a comprehensive guide to state laws, read here and for an extensive breeders list, read fennec fox for sale.

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